Package org.openmrs.module

OpenMRS Module classes


Interface Summary
Activator Deprecated. replaced by BaseModuleActivator
ModuleActivator Contains methods that get called at different stages as the application is executing, you should extend BaseModuleActivator instead of directly implementing this interface for forward compatibility of subclasses.

Class Summary
BaseModuleActivator Must be extended by modules and referenced by the Module-Activator property in the module manifest, contains methods that let modules get notifications as the application is executing to allow modules to react in custom ways.
Extension An extension is a small snippet of code that is run at certain "extension points" throughout the user interface
Module Generic module class that openmrs manipulates
ModuleClassLoader Standard implementation of module class loader.
ModuleConstants Constants used by the module system in openmrs
ModuleFactory Methods for loading, starting, stopping, and storing OpenMRS modules
ModuleFileParser This class will parse a file into an org.openmrs.module.Module object
ModuleUtil Utility methods for working and manipulating modules
SqlDiffFileParser This class will parse an xml sql diff file
UpdateFileParser This class will parse an xml update.rdf file
VersionComparator A comparator which takes version numbers stored as string.

Enum Summary
Extension.MEDIA_TYPE All media types allowed by the module extension system.

Exception Summary
MandatoryModuleException This error is thrown when OpenMRS is started but a module marked as 'mandatory' but was unable to start.
ModuleException Represents often fatal errors that occur within the module package
ModuleMustStartException This is throw at OpenMRS startup when one or more modules that really need to start didn't start.
OpenmrsCoreModuleException This error is thrown when OpenMRS is started but there is a module that is core to OpenMRS and that module is not present or did not start

This error is also thrown when trying to stop a module that is marked as core.

Package org.openmrs.module Description

OpenMRS Module classes


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