Class OrderSaveHandler

  extended by org.openmrs.api.handler.OrderSaveHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:
RequiredDataHandler<Order>, SaveHandler<Order>

public class OrderSaveHandler
extends java.lang.Object
implements SaveHandler<Order>

This class deals with Order objects when they are saved via a save* method in an Openmrs Service. This handler is automatically called by the RequiredDataAdvice AOP class.

See Also:
RequiredDataHandler, SaveHandler, Order

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void handle(Order order, User creator, java.util.Date dateCreated, java.lang.String other)
          This method is used by the implementing classes to set any required data that it needs to.
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Constructor Detail


public OrderSaveHandler()
Method Detail


public void handle(Order order,
                   User creator,
                   java.util.Date dateCreated,
                   java.lang.String other)
Description copied from interface: SaveHandler
This method is used by the implementing classes to set any required data that it needs to.

Specified by:
handle in interface RequiredDataHandler<Order>
Specified by:
handle in interface SaveHandler<Order>
order - an OpenmrsObject that needs to have some required data set
creator - the user who is saving this object
dateCreated - the datetime this object is being saved
other - (optional) would be the second argument in the save method, if exists
See Also:
SaveHandler.handle(org.openmrs.OpenmrsObject, org.openmrs.User, java.util.Date, java.lang.String)


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