Class BaseUnvoidHandler

  extended by org.openmrs.api.handler.BaseUnvoidHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:
RequiredDataHandler<Voidable>, UnvoidHandler<Voidable>

public class BaseUnvoidHandler
extends java.lang.Object
implements UnvoidHandler<Voidable>

This is the super interface for all unvoid* actions that take place on all services. The RequiredDataAdvice class uses AOP around each method in every service to check to see if its a unvoid* method. If it is a unvoid* method, this class is called to handle setting the Voidable.isVoided(), Voidable.setVoidReason(String), Voidable#setVoiddBy(User), and Voidable#setDateVoidd(Date) all to null.

Child collections on this Voidable that are themselves a Voidable are looped over and also unvoided by the RequiredDataAdvice class.

See Also:
RequiredDataAdvice, VoidHandler

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void handle(Voidable voidableObject, User voidingUser, java.util.Date origParentVoidedDate, java.lang.String unused)
          Called around every unvoid* method to set everything to null.

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Constructor Detail


public BaseUnvoidHandler()
Method Detail


public void handle(Voidable voidableObject,
                   User voidingUser,
                   java.util.Date origParentVoidedDate,
                   java.lang.String unused)
Called around every unvoid* method to set everything to null.

Specified by:
handle in interface RequiredDataHandler<Voidable>
Specified by:
handle in interface UnvoidHandler<Voidable>
voidableObject - an OpenmrsObject that needs to have some required data set
voidingUser - the currently authenticated User
origParentVoidedDate - the current Date
unused - (optional) would be the second argument in the save/void/unvoid/etc method, if exists
See Also:
RequiredDataHandler.handle(org.openmrs.OpenmrsObject, org.openmrs.User, java.util.Date, java.lang.String)
Expected behavior:
unset the voided bit, unset the voider, unset the dateVoided, unset the voidReason, only act on already voided objects, not act on objects with a different dateVoided


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