Interface OpenmrsData

All Superinterfaces:
Auditable, OpenmrsObject, Voidable
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActiveListItem, Allergy, BaseOpenmrsData, Cohort, DrugOrder, Encounter, Obs, Order, Patient, PatientIdentifier, PatientProgram, PatientState, Person, PersonAddress, PersonAttribute, PersonName, Problem, Relationship

public interface OpenmrsData
extends OpenmrsObject, Auditable, Voidable

In OpenMRS, we distinguish between data and metadata within our data model. Data (as opposed to metadata) generally represent person- or patient-specific data. OpenMRS objects that represent person- or patient-specific data should implement this interface.

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Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.openmrs.Auditable
getChangedBy, getCreator, getDateChanged, getDateCreated, setChangedBy, setCreator, setDateChanged, setDateCreated
Methods inherited from interface org.openmrs.Voidable
getDateVoided, getVoidedBy, getVoidReason, isVoided, setDateVoided, setVoided, setVoidedBy, setVoidReason
Methods inherited from interface org.openmrs.OpenmrsObject
getId, getUuid, setId, setUuid


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