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Package org.openmrs.api

The primary OpenMRS API interfaces.

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Package org.openmrs.api Description

The primary OpenMRS API interfaces. These services provide the necessary methods to access and manipulate OpenMRS domain objects.

Services are obtained statically from the Context.

These services compose the OpenMRS business layer API. The majority of developer interaction with the OpenMRS system should occur through these services.  Lower level (database) API methods are reflected within these services so that business logic hooks may be placed in front of the database layer. Developers should favor calling these services for database access, rather than going directly to the DAO objects in the org.openmrs.api.db package.

For example, using the API alone, a start-to-end application would look like this:

  Context.startup("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/db-name?autoReconnect=true", "openmrs-db-user", "3dx$ijt", new Properties());
  try {
    Context.authenticate("admin", "test");
    PatientService ps = Context.getPatientService();

    // fetch patient with identifier 3-4
    Patient patient = ps.getPatientByIdentifier("3-4");
    // set the patient's birthdate to today
    patient.setBirthdate(new Date());
    // save the patient to database
  finally {

Note: When using OpenMRS within a managed environment (like our web application war file), the only calls that are needed are to get the PatientService, set the birthdate, save the patient with the PatientService.

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