Package org.openmrs.validator

Class Summary
ConceptClassValidator Validates attributes on the ConceptClass object.
ConceptDatatypeValidator Validates attributes on the ConceptDatatype object.
ConceptValidator Validates Concept objects.
DrugOrderValidator Validates the DrugOrder class.
EncounterTypeValidator Validates attributes on the EncounterType object.
FieldTypeValidator Validates attributes on the FieldType object.
FormValidator This checks a Form object to make sure that it passes all API requirements.
LocationTagValidator Validates LocationTag objects
LocationValidator Validates the Location object.
ObsValidator Validator for the Obs class.
OrderTypeValidator Validates attributes on the OrderType object.
OrderValidator Validates the Order class.
PatientIdentifierTypeValidator Validates attributes on the PatientIdentifierType object.
PatientIdentifierValidator This class validates a PatientIdentifier object.
PatientProgramValidator This class validates a PatientProgram object
PatientValidator This class validates a Patient object.
PersonAttributeTypeValidator Validates the PersonAttributeType class.
PersonNameValidator This class validates a PersonName object.
PrivilegeValidator Validates attributes on the Privilege object
ProgramValidator Validates attributes on the Program object.
ReportObjectValidator Deprecated. see reportingcompatibility module
RequireNameValidator Validates objects and requires that "name" be filled in.
RoleValidator Validates attributes on the Role object
StateConversionValidator Validates attributes on the ConceptStateConversion object.
UserValidator Validates attributes on the User object
ValidateUtil This class should be used in the *Services to validate objects before saving them.


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