Package org.openmrs.util

Shared utilities for OpenMRS classes


Interface Summary
DatabaseUpdater.ChangeSetExecutorCallback Interface used for callbacks when updating the database.

Class Summary
AttributableDate This class is a stand in for using "java.util.Date" as a PersonAttribute format.
ClassLoaderFileOpener Implementation of liquibase FileOpener interface so that the OpenmrsClassLoader will be used to find files (or any other classloader that is passed into the contructor).
DatabaseUpdater This class uses Liquibase to update the database.
DatabaseUpdater.OpenMRSChangeSet Represents each change in the liquibase-update-to-latest
DatabaseUtil Utility class that provides database related methods
DoubleRange Represents a bounded or unbounded numeric range.
ExceptionUtil Utility methods for dealing with exceptions
FormConstants Constants relating to forms
FormUtil OpenMRS utilities related to forms.
HandlerUtil Utility class that provides useful methods for working with classes that are annotated with the Handler annotation
HibernateEnumType This is intended to be a temporary utility class until enums are handled properly in Hibernate:
InsertedOrderComparator Deprecated. this is not needed.
LocaleUtility A utility class for working with Locales.
MemoryAppender This class stores a few lines of the output to the log file.
MetadataComparator A comparator that sorts first based on non-retired, and second based on name.
NaturalStrings Utility class for natural String comparison operations
OpenmrsClassLoader This classloader knows about the current ModuleClassLoaders and will attempt to load classes from them if needed
OpenmrsConstants Constants used in OpenMRS.
OpenmrsDateFormat An extension of SimpleDateFormat that defaults to setLenient(true) and rejects parsing any dates that don't have a 4-digit year
OpenmrsMemento This class is used to save the current state of an object/class.
OpenmrsSecurityManager Helper class created only to call some protected methods on the SecurityManager class.
OpenmrsUtil Utility methods used in openmrs
Reflect This class has convenience methods to find the fields on a class and superclass as well as methods to check the class type of members in a collection
Security OpenMRS's security class deals with the hashing of passwords.
TestTypeFilter This class exists so that Spring component-scans can exclude any unit test classes that were accidentally included on the classpath (like in an omod).
VelocityExceptionHandler Class to safely catch velocity exceptions

Enum Summary
InputRequiredException.DATATYPE Required input will be in one of these forms
OpenmrsConstants.PERSON_TYPE These enumerations should be used in ObsService and PersonService getters to help determine which type of object to restrict on

Exception Summary
DatabaseUpdateException Used by the DatabaseUpdater to show that an error occurred while updating to the latest database setup.
InputRequiredException Used by the DatabaseUpdater to signal that a given update requires input from the user.

Package org.openmrs.util Description

Shared utilities for OpenMRS classes


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