Package org.openmrs.scheduler.tasks

Class Summary
AbstractTask Base class for all other task classes.
AlertReminderTask Sample implementation of task that shows how to send emails to users/roles via message service.
CheckInternetConnectivityTask Simple implementation to check if we have a connection to the internet.
ConceptWordUpdateTask A utility class for updating concept words in a scheduled task.
GenerateDataExportTask Deprecated. see reportingcompatibility module
HelloWorldTask Implementation of a task that writes "Hello World" to a log file.
HelloWorldThread Implementation of the stateless task.
ProcessHL7InQueueTask Implementation of a task that process all form entry queues.
SendEmailTask Implementation of the stateful task that sends an email.
TaskThreadedInitializationWrapper This class executes the Task.initialize method in a new thread.
TestTask Implementation of a simple task that throws an exception every 10 executions.


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