Interface DataSetProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
CohortDataSetProvider, RowPerObsDataSetProvider, RowPerProgramEnrollmentDataSetProvider

Deprecated. see reportingcompatibility module

public interface DataSetProvider

Implementations of this interface perform the work of converting from a DataSetDefinition to a DataSet.

This is one of three interfaces that work together to define and evaluate an OpenMRS DataSet. You need to implement all three of DataSetProvider, DataSetDefinition , and DataSet in order to get useful behavior. For example: RowPerObsDataSetProvider, RowPerObsDataSetDefinition, and RowPerObsDataSet

The metadata that describes what data will be produced is defined in DataSetDefinition The logic that evaluates that metadata goes in an implementation of this interface. After evaluation, the data is represented by a DataSet.

See Also:
DataSetDefinition, DataSet

Method Summary
 boolean canEvaluate(DataSetDefinition dataSetDefinition)
 DataSet evaluate(DataSetDefinition dataSetDefinition, Cohort inputCohort, EvaluationContext evalContext)
          Deprecated. Evaluate a dataset on a given input cohort (which may be null, and may be ignored by some data sets)

Method Detail


boolean canEvaluate(DataSetDefinition dataSetDefinition)
dataSetDefinition -
Whether this provider can evaluate the given definition


DataSet evaluate(DataSetDefinition dataSetDefinition,
                 Cohort inputCohort,
                 EvaluationContext evalContext)
Evaluate a dataset on a given input cohort (which may be null, and may be ignored by some data sets)

dataSetDefinition -
inputCohort -
the evaluated DataSet


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