Package org.openmrs.hl7

OpenMRS HL7 module.


Interface Summary
HL7Service OpenMRS HL7 API

Class Summary
HL7Constants Constants used by the hl7 package
HL7InArchive Represents a successfully processed hl7 message.
Hl7InArchivesMigrateThread Separate thread to move the hl7 in archives from the database tables to the filesystem.
HL7InError Represents a error in processing an hl7 message.
HL7InQueue Represents an hl7 message that has yet to be processed.
HL7InQueueProcessor Processes message in the HL7 inbound queue.
HL7Source Names a unique location that hl7 messages could be coming from.
HL7Util HL7-related utilities

Enum Summary
Hl7InArchivesMigrateThread.Status The different states this thread can be in at a given point during migration

Package org.openmrs.hl7 Description

OpenMRS HL7 module.


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