Package org.openmrs.api.db

OpenMRS database layer interfaces.


Interface Summary
ActiveListDAO Database methods for the ActiveListService
AdministrationDAO Database methods for the AdministrationService
CohortDAO Database methods for cohort objects.
ConceptDAO Concept-related database functions
ContextDAO Defines the functions that the Context needs to access the database
EncounterDAO Encounter-related database functions
FormDAO Database access functions for the Form, FormField, and Field objects
LocationDAO Location-related database functions
NoteDAO Note-related database functions
ObsDAO Observation-related database functions
OrderDAO Order-related database functions
PatientDAO Database methods for the PatientService
PersonDAO Person-related database functions
ProgramWorkflowDAO Program- and PatientProgram- and ConceptStateConversion-related database functions
SerializedObjectDAO The SerializedObjectDAO is meant to be used as a means for persisting objects for which a typical relational table model is impractical.
TemplateDAO Message template related database functions
UserDAO Database methods for the UserService

Class Summary
LoginCredential This class holds the minimal amount of data necessary to change a user's password without using a PreparedStatement or putting the password in the User class.
SerializedObject Object representation of a Serialized Object as stored in the database.

Exception Summary
DAOException Represents often fatal errors that occur within the database layer.

Package org.openmrs.api.db Description

OpenMRS database layer interfaces. These data access objects (DAOs) provide the necessary methods to access and manipulate OpenMRS domain objects.

DAOs should be used by the API (org.openmrs.api.*Services) and rarely (if ever) accessed directly.


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