Interface OpenmrsService

All Known Subinterfaces:
ActiveListService, AdministrationService, AlertService, CohortService, ConceptService, EncounterService, FormService, HL7Service, LocationService, ObsService, OrderService, PatientService, ProgramWorkflowService, ReportObjectService, SchedulerService, SerializationService, UserService
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActiveListServiceImpl, AdministrationServiceImpl, AlertServiceImpl, BaseOpenmrsService, CohortServiceImpl, ConceptServiceImpl, EncounterServiceImpl, FormServiceImpl, HL7ServiceImpl, LocationServiceImpl, ObsServiceImpl, OrderServiceImpl, PatientServiceImpl, PersonServiceImpl, ProgramWorkflowServiceImpl, ReportObjectServiceImpl, SerializationServiceImpl, TimerSchedulerServiceImpl, UserServiceImpl

public interface OpenmrsService

Base OpenMRS Service Interface All services registered to the ServiceContext are required to implement this interface. It is recommended that all services extend the BaseOpenmrsService abstract class to buffer themselves from changes to this interface.

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Method Summary
 void onShutdown()
          Called when the OpenMRS service layer is shutting down
 void onStartup()
          Called when the OpenMRS service layer is initializing.

Method Detail


void onStartup()
Called when the OpenMRS service layer is initializing. This occurs when a new module is loaded or during the initial server/api start


void onShutdown()
Called when the OpenMRS service layer is shutting down


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